Eliška Kováříková

I am a metalsmith by training and surname. I make fine handcrafted Sterling Silver jewellery with or without natural stones in limited sets where every piece is unique.

My work varies from intricate pieces with great attention to detail to simple clean-lined pieces emphasizing the surface of the jewellery.

I concentrate on relief, texturing of metal such as reticulation, punching, stamping to create a haptic feeling as another dimension for senses. In other words I like it when women consider it a pleasure touching my jewellery while wearing it. Having this on my mind I constantly seek out different textures of materials and how to transfer them onto the surface of my jewellery.

Focus on the wearability of every piece emphasizing the esthetics between the wearer and the viewer is my aim and care is taken in every step during production including packaging.

Producing Stannum jewellery I use 97% Stannum and 3% Silver safe alloy. I use natural stones, fused glass, shells, pearls and any objects that the customer wishes to include into their unique personalised piece by allowing the wearer to feel participation and distinction in the piece of jewellery. 

My inspiration comes from play of light, bark of trees, flowers, leaves, emotions, scars of life, anything you can either touch or feel by heart.

Experience the difference by wearing my jewellery. 


13.08.2014 17:42
Something must be worn to be felt, seen to be admired and experienced to be enjoyed.